Fall Kale

Fall Kale
I JUST love this! Art for artsake and kitchens.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello Everybody...

I thought it might be helpful if I kept everyone in the loop about the mystery of painting, printing and marketing the Wendy Hazen Portfolio and Post Card Calendars. I realize many of you don't even like to see the calendar images....you would rather be surprised. And then others want every detail. That is why there is "chocolate and vanilla ice cream," as my friend Joanie Parker would say. Anywho, I will try and update this regularly. Probably with some insight into the everyday decisions of what to paint, what sales reps are really who they say they are or just want a whole bunch of "free" stuff known as samples....there's an interesting subject.

At the moment, I am making some corrections on a couple of paintings. So I need to get back to that....Monday is Print day!!! yeah!!!! visit http://www.wendyhazendesigns.com/.

Thanks to you all. Could not be doing this without your wonderful words of support and encouragement. Happy Halloween! Warmly, Wendy